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Who am I?

I am a fitness coach and therapeutic massage practitioner with a passion for bodywork and healthy living. My passion is passion is working with people with injuries, chronic pain and/or discomforts, and postural issues. They all result in a certain degree of imbalance of the body, which can present as improper usage of muscles, restricted range of motion, tight muscles, spasms. I help them to regain proper posture and structural and muscular balance.

What do I do?

I work with clients using a variety of tools I learned for improving and healing my own body and I teach these tools to others. These tools include various forms of fitnessbodywork, and yoga, among others.

Fitness and Yamuna Body Rolling®

I have been devoted to fitness for more than two decades, incorporating a cross training mentality to my life. I am a fitness coach, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Chek Institute. Combining the modalities of yoga, fitness and massage, I have also been trained and certified in a variety of self-bodyworking methods, including Yamuna Body Rolling® and Yamuna Foot Fitness®, offering me a system for self-healing. These systems allows me to really be in touch with my body, creating space to free up blockages and limitations. I incorporate all of these principles of basic core conditioning to maintain proper posture, prevent injuries and provide for optimal physical performance. Fitness discussions will always involve a holistic whole body approach looking at diet, stress levels, breath, as well as self image. More on my fitness sessions can be found here and more on my Yamuna sessions can be found here.


Generally my massage is a deeper pressure massage that is therapeutic and often results in a high level of relaxation after the session, although the session itself can be at times vigorous. I use a variety of styles in my massage, including Yamuna Body Rolling® Hands-On work, shiatsu, myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point, structural integration and influences of Thai. My massage styles typically blend together along with breathwork to meet the needs of my client. I have been a Certified Massage Practitioner in the city of San Francisco since 2009. More on my bodywork sessions can be found here.


I teach primarily two forms of hatha yoga: Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga.

  • Hot Yoga – The advanced sequence that I follow contains 84 asanas (poses). It is typically practiced in a heated room.
  • “Yintuition”- My form of Yin Yoga practice, adding the meditative energetic influences of Qi Gong to my understanding of the myofascial body lines. Asanas are held longer, focusing mostly on the area from the knees to the ribs, yet the energy flow and benefits will be felt from head to toe.

More on my yoga sessions can be found here.

What do I really want?

Nothing less than for you to achieve your most fullest expression of you. My desire for you to be able to express yourself as you really are – a strong, vital, and beautiful life force! My desire is for world peace. Nothing less.

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