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See what my clients say about my fitness training

  • “I hired Bill after 6 months of severe pain due to impinged rotator cuff. I tried physical therapy and exercising, but was still in severe pain, was taking strong painkillers, barely slept, and was basically disabled. Bill designed a specific program for me. It included targeted exercising, massage therapy, and muscle relaxation and stretching using Yamuna balls. The beginning was ‘typical’: very painful and discouraging with no improvement. After a month or so, the pain was still there, but I noticed that the range of motion in my shoulder was bigger and I slept better. This motivated me to keep seeing Bill. With a few ups and downs and diligently following his instructions and program, I was off the painkillers and completely without pain in 4 months. Interestingly, after a ‘slow and not promising’ beginning, the improvement was fast. I need to mention that Bill is a very patient person. I am sure I was not the easiest client. I had lots of questions and ‘requests’ for explanation of and justification for the things I was doing; I am an MD. Bill patiently and politely answered them, even if I asked them more than once. I would hire Bill again without any hesitation.” – Gorazd (December 2015)
  • “I have worked with Bill over the past four years. He is an extraordinary teacher and coach. In addition to his significant technical knowledge, he is a great listener and does a good job of tailoring workouts to your needs. He is also just a pleasure to spend time with.” – Peter (September 2015)

See what my clients say about my massage

  • “Bill was a joy to work with. His laid-back demeanor and confidence in his own work made the environment comfortable and allowed me to fully enjoy his treatment. He not only was a capable masseur, but was able to provide advice on how to stay flexible and loose using home treatments. I loved the focus on flexibility in addition to standard massage therapy practice, and will definitely consider Bill again in the future for my sports-health-related needs.” – Glen (April 2017)
  • “Great massage for active gym-goer: My experience with Bill was great. I requested a more intense treatment tailored to my physical fitness routine and Bill was able to deliver exactly that: He focused on my weak-spots, used massage balls effectively to target thigh areas, and gave gentle advice on posture. Surely will book a few more sessions with Bill.” – Lennard (January 2017)
  • “I had an excellent bodywork session with Bill. He is compassionate and knowledgeable about the body and has great hands. His studio space was very pleasant, and he was super easy to communicate with.” – Nick (November 2016)
  • “Great massage! Amazing deep tissue massage. Bill customized the massage to help address sports-related issue areas like my shoulder and really helped alleviate pain and mobility issues.” – Chris (September 2016)
  • “Bill is very caring and related. One can tell that he cares about his work and my husband who has Parkinson’s is very happy with him as I am also.” – Virginia (April 2016)

See what my clients say about my Yamuna Body Rolling® Hands On

  • “After working with my back injuries for so long, it is great to feel so free in my body. This session was EXACTLY what I needed!” – Joy (March 2015)
  • “Some times when I am dreaming I experience myself as flying, lying flat out on my back.  At the conclusion of my sessions with Bill Mohler I feel the same way–like I’m floating. Awesome experience!” – Peter (June 2014)

See what my clients say about my Yamuna Body Rolling® 

  • “Bill is among the most inspiring fitness professionals I have met. I have attended his yoga classes and his Yamuna ball rolling classes, and I have been relieved of severe back tension and pain through his thai massage. So, how is he inspiring? His style is not that of the “rahrah,” over-muscled, steroidy body builder. Bill’s style exudes strength and power that comes from his solid spiritual core. So whether he’s guiding me through a yoga session, a Yamuna session, or even weight training, I feel growth, strength, and in healing in my spirit as well as my body. Bill’s unique life experience and perspective makes this possible.” – Jamal (October 2015)
  • “Bill provides detailed and thorough explanations during body rolling sessions. He makes sure that we are rolling properly so that we greatly benefit. Love his sessions.” – Ibby (September 2015)

See what my clients say about my Yamuna Foot Fitness®

  • “I must say that my feet really enjoyed all the attention from you! Yesterday I walked 6 miles on the golf course, the way you taught me… And my feet felt so much less pain!!! And I couldn’t believe there was also less pain while doing planks on the reformer this morning! Bravo! So happy to have seen you! I did receive your email with the videos but haven’t had a chance to watch them yet. Will let you know how feet are doing next week. Thank you!” – Doris (June 2016)
  • “Bill’s foot fitness class was really great because it has made me more conscious how I stand and walk. He goes over foot and hip alignment  and ways that you can stretch your foot using the Yamuna foot wakers. Bill is an excellent instructor – and if you love his Yoga classes like I do, you will love this class! My feet have never felt so good as they did after this workshop, and I will be sure to try the next one! ” – Laura  (May 2013)

See what my clients say about my yoga

  • “I know Bill from taking his yoga classes and have had one on one sessions with him as well. I highly recommend him for your fitness needs. Bill will take you to the next level with his encouragement and his tough as nails approach (sometimes)” – Ray (September 2015)
  • “Bill walks his talk…he is devoted to his practice, obviously loves it, loves teaching and is a joyful human being. He has helped me realign my body and muscles (and attitude) after being away from yoga for over 20 years. With his gentle humor and excellent eye for how to improve one’s posture, I always feel supported and seen. Gentle humor (which sometimes makes me giggle even while I sweat and stretch), enhances the whole experience. There’s not one grain of “I’m better than you are,” about Bill. He’s passing on what he loves, and that’s the core quality for a high-quality teacher. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions, either. He’ll help you out and is very patient.” – Joyce (July 2012)

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